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Principal’s Message

Wildcat Families,

Welcome back to a new school year! I missed you all so much, and I can’t wait to see your smiling faces in September! My name is Mrs. Scott and I have the privilege to serve as the principal of Dumbarton Elementary School. For our new families, we welcome you!

As our new journey begins, we are excited about the opportunities before us – new ways of teaching, thinking and learning TOGETHER. Our time apart has granted us a chance to explore learning experiences through a different lens in respect to technology, out of the box thinking, and strategies for connecting with our students, our families and our community. This year we will continue Learning, Leading, and Loving Together Everywhere We Go! Here at Dumbarton, faculty and staff collaborate to develop students who are academically sound, confident leaders ready to make a positive impact in their community and their world. We believe in our students and will support them on path to being whatever they want to be!

Parents play such an important role in their child’s education, and we value your partnership tremendously. Your involvement positively impacts your child’s behavior, grades, and motivation to succeed. Throughout the school year parents will be invited to participate in school and PTA functions in different ways. We love and appreciate the support and engagement from our parents! Be on the lookout for ways to contribute beginning this fall. One way is being a part of the PTA (Parent Teacher Association). Our PTA allows parents and teachers as a team to support our school by sponsoring events and activities at various times of the school year. If you have any questions about PTA opportunities to serve or joining, visit the PTA section of the school website.


If at any point in time you have questions regarding your child’s classroom or our school, feel free to reach out to us during school hours. We are happy to assist!

We look forward to having an amazing year… TOGETHER!



Mrs. Scott